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JEROS A/S - An international company with more than 60 years' experience in the development, production and sales of tray cleaners, utensil washers, and crate washers for retail and the food industry.

JEROS A/S was founded in 1963 in Odense/Denmark, where the production of tray cleaning machines, primarily for the Danish market began.

During the 70's a network of dealers was established throughout Europe. Today, JEROS A/S is not only the oldest manufacturer of tray cleaners for trays with 2 borders, JEROS is also the present market leader in Europe. 

Since 1972 JEROS A/S has been specializing in the production of utensil washers too. The JEROS utensil washers are available in various models and sizes for branches like bakeries, confectioners, butchers, catering, fast-food, fish and food industry, among others. The JEROS utensil washers are exported World Wide. 

JEROS offer a broad product range including dish washers, utensil washers, conveyor tunnel washers, and crate washers all constructed in modules making them very suitable for customization. 

Today, JEROS A/S is a modern, solution-orientated manufacturing company with a high degree of flexibility thus being well-prepared for future demands in the production of qualitative and functional solutions. JEROS relies on a team of innovative employees who with their individual skills and know-how contribute to ensure future development. 

During the last 60 years a wide and strong network of experienced dealers and service organizations has been established World Wide - an expansion of the market which still today is under constant development.

Today JEROS presents itself as a modern, solution orientated Production Company with a high degree of flexibility for meeting the demands of the future with quality and functional solutions. JEROS is made up of a team of innovative employees who, with their individual know-how, will secure the future development of JEROS.

Since 2012 the company is managed by his daughter Evita Rosdahl, who could celebrate 25th anniversary October 2017.

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Knud Rosdahl



 Evita Rosdahl

His daughter and current CEO