JEROS er Årets Praktikplads 2019

“Our continued success as an industrial firm requires a well-trained workforce! The backbone of our company is the interaction between people, and we need everyone. But we’re currently facing one of society’s big challenges: a shortage of apprentices and skilled workers. This is a challenge that will affect us for many years to come,” points out JEROS COO, Brian Jørgensen.

“At JEROS, we’re proud to receive the Confederation of Danish Industry’s 2019 Apprenticeship Award. Especially because awards like this serve as a recognition of the work we do to train apprentices – work that we have intensified, because we see and feel how the shortage of skilled labour is becoming a societal challenge. And because of this challenge, we find it imperative to tell future generations what it means to become an apprentice. And hopefully, inspire them to choose a vocational education. Perhaps one of the Danish EUX Programmes, which combine a post secondary education with learning a trade, opening up a whole world of opportunities when it comes to continuing education,” says Jørgensen.

“And as winner of the Apprenticeship Award 2019, JEROS is proud to be able to give something back to the community we’re a part of here in Ringe, in the form of workplaces. We are a locally anchored company with a broad international outlook, as you can see through our partnerships with organisations like McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Arla, Orkla, Kims Chips and a number of bakeries in Denmark and abroad.”

We take action when the shortage of apprentices and skilled workers becomes a burden
Because our sector is burdened by a shortage of apprentices and skilled workers, we take great care to address and, not least, take action on the challenges we face. To this end, we devote a great deal of resources to our involvement in the regional industrial policy committee for the island of Funen, RIPU Fyn. This allows us to reach out to primary and lower secondary schools as well as upper secondary schools to give young people a better understanding of what it’s like to work for a modern industrial company today. And, of course, to convince them to choose a vocational education.

“For us, it is especially important to communicate to both pupils AND educators at lower secondary schools that there are excellent alternatives to the classic post secondary educational programmes, which our academically oriented society has had a stronger focus on for a great many years. There are some excellent alternatives out there for those young people who enjoy working with their hands.”

A great many young people don’t know a thing about the possibilities that learning a trade can bring, because communicating this hasn’t been a high priority for many years. Which is a real shame! And this is why it is so important for us to keep beating the drum for our industry and to maintain a dialogue with pupils, educators and educational institutions.

At JEROS, we take a holistic approach to collaboration with students and apprentices. We don’t believe in the old-fashioned approach to working with young people, choosing instead to promote the concept of freedom with responsibility and to strive to elevate our students as best we can. To develop and train the workforce of the future and thereby do our part to enrich businesses, the local community and society in general with well-rounded individuals,” concludes Brian Jørgensen with a smile.

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