JEROS er Årets Virksomhed 2018

The chairperson of Faaborg-Midtfyn’s Business Council, Arne Brunholm, explains why JEROS was chosen as Business of the Year 2018 with these words:

“In recent years, JEROS has undergone an exemplary generational succession. Evita Rosdahl has taken over the firm after her father, and she has upheld the firm’s original spirit with great success, which is one of the reasons why so many of the firm’s employees have worked there for a great many years. At the same time, she has helped modernise the firm and gear it for the future. JEROS leads the way in the community, when it comes to hiring apprentices and working with students from the universities. JEROS is doing their part to help ensure educations for young people as well as a steady supply of qualified workers for businesses.”

This local commitment and the work we do to attract and retain employees from the town of Ringe and the surrounding area, as well as training the skilled workers of the future is extremely important to JEROS CEO and owner, Evita Rosdahl:

“This recognition from the local community means a lot to us. Our community is important to us, because it’s our recruitment base, but also because it gives us a sense of belonging. That is also why we participate so actively in local initiatives like the Business Rucksack programme, where pupils from local schools get a chance to experience how maths are used in real world situations. Their maths classes take place here with us for a few days.

We also take great pride in opening our doors so anyone interested can see how a modern industrial firm has changed from the old assembly line production companies,” Evita Rosdahl explains.

The Business of the Year 2018 award calls attention to the many aspects of running a company that extend beyond the top and bottom lines. And for this, we are delighted,” adds JEROS COO, Brian Jørgensen.

“With this award, the focus is on the business as a whole – on the sustainable results we give back to the community that we’re a part of. When we work with students from the University of Southern Denmark and train our apprentices, we’re securing the future for our industry, both here in Ringe and in society in general. That is the impact we make. That is what we pass on.”

“At JEROS, we don’t have the capacity to give all our apprentices permanent positions. Instead, we send our talented and well-trained young people on to other firms. And we always receive excellent feedback on our young people, which is great, because we have chosen to add new dimensions to our apprentice training in the form of personally tailored programs designed to match the needs of the individual apprentice – and in the form of our mentorship scheme, where we take a unique approach to the individual: Every apprentice works closely with the managing tradesmen to give them as well-rounded an education as possible.”

“If our firm focused solely on key figures, we would be compromising the DNA upon which this company was built,” concludes Brian Jørgensen.

Facts about JEROS:

• In 1963 JEROS was founded in Odense, Denmark.
• In 1990, the firm moved to Ringe, 20 km outside of Odense.
• In 2012, Evita Rosdahl took over full ownership after her father.
• At JEROS, we have around 60 employees – including 7 apprentices.
• In 2018, we had a turnover of DKK 61 million (approx. EUR 8 million).
• Approximately 85% of our sales are to other countries.