This video was produced by the Confederation of Danish Industry to promote the DI Business Summit 2018, where we received the DI AWARD 2018. JEROS is extremely honoured to be nominated for this award.

“For more than 50 years, we’ve manufactured industrial dishwashers, tray crate washers and tray cleaners for Danish and international businesses – and we have many different types of customers in our portfolio, including McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Arla, Orkla, Kims Chips and a number of bakeries all over Denmark,” explains JEROS COO, Brian Jørgensen.

13 times as many apprentices as our trainee points require
At JEROS, we are required to train 0.67 apprentices, based on the number of skilled employees in our company. But to promote the training of skilled workers, we make it a priority to always have apprentices on staff as industrial technicians, corrosion-resistant steelworkers and warehouse and logistics workers. In 2018, we have two women and seven men in apprenticeships.

“We also have an excellent collaboration with the local vocational college and with the University of Southern Denmark, where we offer students a range of different internships. We receive two to four interns a year from UCL University College and the University of Southern Denmark, who do their final projects in collaboration with JEROS,” says Brian Jørgensen.

Shortage of skilled workers becoming one of society’s big challenges
“We make training apprentices and working with college and university students a high priority, because we want to help make a difference for both the local community and society as a whole.

At JEROS, we have focused on education for many years, but now that focus is even stronger, because we are already seeing and feeling the shortage of skilled workers that is becoming a societal challenge. That’s why it’s important to tell the positive stories about what it means to be an apprentice at a company like ours. And to show how our apprentices can use a vocational education in the future,” Jørgensen explains.

“In an effort to encourage other businesses also to train more apprentices, we use our apprentices as positive role models to show that employing apprentices doesn’t have to be a difficult and cumbersome process. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses still think that way. Here at JEROS, we have some very talented apprentices. They are independent and fully embrace and live up to our philosophy that if you give part of yourself, you receive something in return.

We try our best to instil this approach to business in all our apprentices and students during their time here,” concludes an energetic COO.

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