Here you can see some of the references JEROS A/S has world wide.

Burger King

The Utensil Washer models 8110 & 9110 are being used by Burger King restaurants.

Butcher Holzinger

Butcher in Germany. The model 8120 is used for cleaning production parts.

Nursing home Kolding

8120 with automatic lid opening for nursing home.


Use both model 8100 and 8110 in different parts of their production in Germany.

Kokken og Jomfruen

Catering with several departments in Denmark. 200GB with rollers. For washing transportation crates and production parts so as pots and pans.


8120 in a catering center.


Model 8115 in the butcher section in the supermarket SuperBest.

Fish- and Meat Industry

The tunnelwasher model 200 is used in many different kinds of industries.


Over the years JEROS has delivered utensil washer models 8110, 9110 and 8115 to mainly McDonald's Denmark, United Kingdom and Belgium.


The tray cleaner model 6015 is being used in many retail stores in the baking department. In addition many of the stores also use the model 8120.

Gellerstadt Backwaren

200XL with 200TD and rollers in a U-turn. Cleans 300-900 crates a day. Euronorm crates and 2 other sizes.

Fresh Factory Germany

200GB with special pvc-conveyer belt for washing fruit.

Malaco Leaf

Specially build 200XL with integrated blower, roller u-turn and special dryer for 100% dry crates. Malaco Leaf produces sweets.

Valdemar Slot

8120 for industrial kitchen for cleaning pots and pans