Creative owner-manager of industrial firm wins regional award

JEROS' Adm. direktør, Evita Rosdahl, vinder Temaprisen 2019 på Fyn

The delight and pride were unmistakable! JEROS’ owner and CEO, Evita Rosdahl, was once again invited to take the stage to receive an award! This time, she was named Regional Theme Award Winner on the Danish island of Funen at the 2019 Owner-Manager Awards. This year’s theme was ‘Objectives and Values’, and Evita Rosdahl won the award for launching a range of creative and value-adding initiatives – not least for the benefit of the firm’s young apprentices and student assistants. PwC, Nykredit and the Danish Chamber of Commerce presented the award to Evita Rosdahl.

The presentation included the following justification:

“Evita Rosdahl has created a company built on trustworthiness and with a clear mission and vision. Evita Rosdahl is not a classic industrial owner-manager but was originally trained in creative graphic design. She possesses creativity and an eye for change – as well as the courage to follow new paths. Moreover, she is strongly committed to her employees, customers and society in general,” according to Mikael Johansen, partner at PwC in Odense.

Creating value for the entire industry
The underlying values that permeate Evita Rosdahl’s firm are based on the belief that everybody has and should have value – regardless of age, function or rank. She has created a culture in which every single person clearly understands exactly how their contribution helps to make a difference, strongly linking values to initiatives:

“Evita has launched many initiatives with a sharp focus on ‘giving back’ – to employees, the local community, the industry and local educational institutions. For example, it is important to Evita that apprentices thrive at her firm, which is why on their first day, they are assigned a mentor and placed in a programme to work closely with senior colleagues with relevant skills, ensuring that their qualifications and development are not solely the result of classic schooling,” says Lars Holm, head of centre at Nykredit.

Jakob Ullegård, Market Director, Danish Chamber of Commerce, agrees that the right winner of the 2019 Theme Award in the Funen region is Evita Rosdahl:

“Evita Rosdahl’s success is the result of long and deep relations – also within the sector in general. In an age when industry is struggling to attract and train the right competences, Evita and JEROS have taken on a huge responsibility,” says Jakob Ullegård, who specifically names the ‘Business Rucksack’ initiative, which is a collaboration with local schools to give children and young people insights into a modern manufacturing company and thereby promote curiosity about and interest in the sector.

Winner of the 2019 Owner-Manager of the Year Award in the Funen region
The winner of the 2019 Owner-Manager of the Year Award in the Funen region was Brian Djernes, owner-manager of Cane-line A/S (in Rynkeby). Cane-line is a global design firm with deep roots in Denmark and 30 years’ experience in development and production of high-quality outdoor and indoor furniture. Brian Djernes has a special focus on respect for the environment and for people, and he places a high value on innovation and product development. He is a visionary leader who thinks long term and beyond his own business sphere, and in so doing he has created a successful international firm that has, among other things, funded a series of CSR projects.

The jury comprises representatives from the Danish Chamber of Commerce, Nykredit, PwC and last year’s winners.