The JEROS values

1 The customer / End User

JEROS put the customer first in relationship to JEROS competences in order to meet the customer's individual needs. This is done by integrating the customer in the product development ensuring the customer a functional, reliable solution that meets the customer's expectations for quality, service and documentation.


2 The dealer

The dealer represents the dynamic and professional face of JEROS in relation to the end user. JEROS supports the dealer with the necessary support regarding sales, service and the development of market and user information.


3 The supplier

JEROS is a quality and price conscious customer who is part of an integrated supplier relationship. It is required to agree the basis and documentation is in order and that compliance with agreements from both sides.


4 The employee

JEROS offers employees a safe, dynamic work environment where employees are guaranteed a professional and personal development in line with the company's values​​. Employees working from a decentralized decision-making in which employees are responsible for achieving the company's strategy and own goals in doing so.


5 The management

JEROS head work from to ensure targeted results-oriented development of both the company and employees. The leaders delegate responsibility and authority, and must support employees professionally and socially. Managers are responsible for developing common strategies and initiatives to implement and achieve these.


6 The owner

JEROS emerging as a dynamic company with social responsibility for maintaining growth-oriented in both products, turnover and profit. JEROS is a professional managed company that ensures an accurate flow of information to the owner.