As part of the Municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn’s Business Rucksack initiative, Erhvervsrygsæk, which aims to strengthen relations between local manufacturing companies and schools, JEROS opens its doors to the municipality’s year 7 classes to give them an opportunity to experience ‘maths in practice’ when they venture out to visit local businesses at least once every school year.


“The overall purpose of the ‘Business Rucksack’ programme is to establish a good collaboration between our local schools and our business community,” explains Evita Rosdahl, CEO and owner of JEROS.

“The pupils who visit JEROS learn to use mathematics in real world situations. And they get to see how the things they learn in maths class at school are used in real life. As an extra bonus, they also get a chance to see how many exciting jobs we have to offer,” Evita Rosdahl says with a smile.

Pupils prepare for their visit
Before visiting JEROS, the pupils are given some assignments to complete in class. Then, when they visit the company, the pupils are introduced to a series of different drawings and topics, which they can bring back to the classroom with them. This gives them a chance to practise their drawing skills on maths software and to make volume and length calculations. At JEROS, the pupils learn about the kinds of unit conversions and quantities we use when processing raw materials in real life production.

“In a few years, it will be time for the pupils to choose which way they want to go careerwise. And with the Business Rucksack, we have a unique opportunity to stimulate the pupils’ interest in our company.”

“Before the pupils get down to work, we host an introductory meeting for parents to tell them about our company, our products and customers, and why we consider it important to be part of the Business Rucksack – because we want to show the pupils what they can achieve with a vocational education,” adds Brian Jørgensen, COO of JEROS.

He continues: “And to explain to the parents what kinds of things we think it is important that they discuss with their children at home when they begin the process of choosing an upper secondary course of study. And because we want to give the pupils the opportunity to understand mathematics in practice, they are encouraged to use their hands. For instance, the pupils work in groups on an assignment in which they are to bend objects at angles and try their hand at welding.

After working in groups, the pupils present their solutions to each other and to us. To call attention to their work and to the impact of the Business Rucksack, some of our pupils have also presented their work and results to the politicians of Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality,” concludes an optimistic COO.

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