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Arla Foods Dairy Kruså

Industrial Utensil Washer JEROS 8160 ACE, at Arla Foods, with ergonomic in/outlet system for easy handling of all kind of items from the production.

Especially parts from the production machinery of white cheese, and the work logistic was an important issue.

Main production at Arla Foods Kruså Dairy is white cheese.

Kim Bøgh, Ptd Manager - Arla Foods Kruså:

"A while ago when we started the project we had to find a solution how to handle loose 
parts from our machinery. Previously we handled detachable components in some vessels manually, but we never felt that it was quite optimal, so we went for a solution where there was a focus on control of temperature and time during the washing of the individual parts.
Therefore, we entered into a collaboration with JEROS and found a good solution where we could takeloose parts directly from the production line, connect them to the cleaning equipment,  which then could be handled directly into the utensil washer, and the opposite when loose parts were washed, we could return them quickly to the production line again.

This saved us a lot of time and we are very happy with the end result."