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Södervidinge manufacture and sell bakery products of the highest quality, that meets customer and consumer expectations.

Production work according to HACCP principles, which is a standard approach to food safery.


The enquiery was for a solution for tray cleaning with automatical in-feed of the trays and also to include the machine in the already existing production line.


The Industrial Tray Cleaning system from JEROS has automatic in-feed-system and is developed for large bakeries with a need for cleaning and oiling between 1000 - 10.000 trays within 24 hours.


The tray wagons has improved the working environment; there is not so much lifing and the wagons are easy to move around.
Now we rarely stop the tray lifter. Previously we stopped it a lot and it led to the whole line stopping causing many products to be discarded. Today it is very reliable and very efficient.

When we pack our bake-off products today they slip off the trays very easy due to the thin layer of oil. In the past we discarded a lot of finished product due to residues from the trays as the cleaning did not work as it should.

Using JEROS tray cleaner has meant that we have a more efficient production with less downtime and better, more clean working environment. It has also led to a higher quality of products, because we now know that there is no residues left on the products.

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Industrial Tray Cleaner for 24 hour work flow

The production of Södervidinge is a 24 hour work flow.

Waste collection tray

Dust cleaned from the trays is dropped into a wase collection tray, which is mounted on wheels to make cleaning easier and has a capacity of 50 L.