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System Frugt A/S

System Fruit A/S acquires, quality tests and packages fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, spices, dried fruit, dried berries and groceries to supermarket chains, wholesalers and specialty shops.
For packing of products System Fruit use  multihead weigher systems in their production, and these must be regularly cleaned.
For this special needs JEROS develop the unique ACE system that can be offered for the Model 9130, 8150 and the 8160.
The system gives an optimal, fast and safe handling of the scales and accessories from the  multihead weigheren, and enables the user an optimal logistics with a fast workflow and enables fast conversion and product changeovers in production.

The unique JEROS ACE System provides ergonomic handling for the operator, with no heavy liftings.

The weiging scales is  removed from the multihead weigher and mounted directly on the rack. When the  scales are mounted on the rack, the closure on the scales opens, and an optimum washing and safe hygiene is guaranteed.

With out any heavy lift, the operator can now role the whole system to the JEROS Utensil Washer and push the rack with the scales into the utensil washer.
This is the most flexible and efficient cleaning system for scale parts.