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Product Category: Tray Cleaners


TRIANON is a modern wholesale bakery where total service, high quality and sharp precision on a daily basis is assured.


We have for more than 60 years daily delivered fresh baked goods to the greater Copenhagen area.


Primarily hotels, hospitals, industry canteens and retailer. We deliver mainly in the greater Copenhagen area, every day, with precision, reliability and quality as our main objectives.



Supplier to the Royal Danish Court.


The JEROS Industrial Tray Cleaner is developed for large bakeries with a need for cleaning and automatical oiling of between 1000 and 10.000 trays within 24 hours.


The system operates automatically, and only has to be manually operated to remove the tray wagon, when is has cleaned and oiled (optional on/off) all of the trays in a tray wagon, which takes about 20 min. depending on tray size.


The trays are cleaned via the unique brush system, which cleans the surface and keeps the perforations dirt free on the same time. The life span of the brushes i approx. 1 million trays.


The tray wagon in this case was designed, so a lift could be used for lifting up the trays from the wagon and function as a ergonomic work height for the produktion.


Trianon -lift -200x 200

System includes Tray Wagons

Before quoting, a local specialist analyses the customer's requirements, to provide a quotation designed specifically for each customer.

Ergonomic soultion for lifting the trays

The tray wagon is designed, so a lift can be used for lifting up the trays from the wagon and function as a ergonomic work hight for the production.