JEROS A/S nominated for the 2018 DI PRICE

This video has been produced by Dansk Industri.   

We are proud to announce, that we are nominated for the 2018 DI PRICE by Confederation of Danish Industry because of our commitment to the education of, and cooperation with, apprentices and students. We are extremely proud and thankful. 

The goal is to reduce the future shortage og skilled labor and to educate and develop people

At JEROS it is our goal to reduce the future shortage of skilled labor. A goal and a priority reflected by the number of apprentices in the company, which is continually 13 times higher than what our student points prescribe. 

We believe that education develops people. To educate apprentices and work together with students coming from higher educations is, to us, a privilege. 

We understand that people are different and, as a result, learn and contribute in different ways. That is exactly why it is a part of our DNA to allocate the resources necessary to organize a plan of action and educational training, which meets the needs of the individual person. 

The apprentices at JEROS are educated through individual learning processes. They are involved in the everyday life of the company, and they are given responsibility and tasks equal to that of their trained colleges. By educating apprentices this way, our goal is to enrich the Danish industry with skilled and whole people. 

Responsibilty and trust

Just as we prioritize continously having 9 apprentices, we also cooperate with 2-4 students. During their internships it is important to us, that the students are prepared fir the responsibility expected of them, when we let go of them. 

We believe in the young people - at all times they receive tasks in the form of particular issues we need solved. Of course, they also receive the guidance necessary from our supervisors and in cooperation with the customer, and their accomplishments are always recognized. 

Future actions

To ensure future skilled labor, we continually seek new ways to try and solve this problem, and we are having ongoing dialogues with schools and other educational institutions for us to communicate a truthful picture of a modern industrial company - naturally, in the hope that the students will choose a vocational education. 

Starting from the initiative "HOP-IN 2018" in Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune, we contribute to the creation of correlations between producation companies and schools, and at the moment we are talking with Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune about "adopting" a preschool class. In that way, the students can follow our progress each year, which will be followed by presentations about their experiences and new knowledge for the additional students at the school. The school and Faaborg-Midtfyn Kommune are both very interested in the cooperation, which we hope will commence during the school year of 2018/2019. 

At JEROS we do not strive for the perfect person. We respect the right to differences between people. To us, there are incredible benefits found in the competences that the individual person brings to the company. 

By giving responsibility and letting our apprentices and students take part in decision making, we show them that we trust them. It is in this spirit that we wish to contribute to the development of the individual persons and their competences and by doing this, in the long term, contribute to the future growth and prosperity of the Danish industry. 

The winner will be announced September 18

The winner of the 2018 DI PRICE will be announced during the 2018 DI Summit. More than 1000 top executives, being members of the Confederation of Danish Industry, will be present, having voted for their favorite among the 5 companies nominated. The result of the vote will be announced at 17:20 GMT. 

We are very excited!