JEROS Opening Night

JEROS A/S is at a milestone in the company history, and this was celebrated together with our JEROS partners at the first evening of the IBAshow 2012 opening night.


The New Generation of both products and management was officially presented in a casual get-together reception.


Ralf Pellmann, the Manager of JEROS Zentrale, Germany, introduced the new CEO of JEROS A/S, Evita Rosdahl, who informed that the company will continue in the future with the same spirit as the founder of JEROS A/S, Knud Rosdahl orginal build it on over 50 years ago.


Per Rasmussen, Product Manager, introduced the visitors to the new 91-serie of Utensil Washers and the 90-serie of Tray Cleaners, with the special highlights and all the advantages of the new series.


Brian Jørgensen CIO introduced the visitors to the new corporate website and the online platform, which include the JEROS YouTube Channel, LinkedIn and Facebook, which in the future is getting more and more important for delivering information to the partners and customers


The JEROS Team would like to thank all the participants for joining and celebrating this important milestone in the JEROS history.

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