With the increasing demands for hygiene and veterinary control in the provisions industry, it is of great importance to ensure that the cleaning equipment, acquired by the manufactures, is of the absolute highest quality and fulfills all of the authorities' demands both within and outside the EU.

JEROS` technical department is always updated with the most recent regularities and is able to document that all of JEROS products are fulfilling these demands. Furthermore all products are subjected to a continuous voluntary veterinary control by the well-known Danish institute, Steins Laboratory. We will be happy to send you the test results.

European Conformity

The CE Marking is the manufacturer's declaration, showing compliance with all applicable directives. For most products sold in the EU, the use of the CE Marking and a Declaration of Conformity are mandatory.

Eurofins Steins Laboratory Certification

As an independent institution the product has been certified by Eurofins Steins Laboratorium A/S according to Jeros A/S, Quality Assurance standard 0106.